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To improve and enrich the lives of our clients by providing them with all of the benefits that a healthy, physically lifestyle can provide and to do our utmost to make sure that our clients leave our time shared together feeling happier and greatly improved.

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Dustin RichterEach trainer at Happiness Through Health Professional Training takes tremendous pride in the results of their clients but also in our own training progress as well. Information gained through the many hours of hard work at the gym is extremely valuable; similar to knowledge gained in a classroom. When both are applied properly each client has the potential for success…unlimited success.

Happiness Through Health professional trainers possess a passion for health and exercise. Our goal as your trainer is to use our enthusiasm to provide you with the motivation and inspiration that will play a primary role in helping you turn your dreams into reality. If our passion for exercise and fitness rubs off onto our clients, even just a little bit, there are no limits to the goals you can achieve. Here at Happiness Through Health we firmly believe that our health is the most valuable possession that we humans have, and it deserves to be invested in with the most valuable care possible. A healthy, physically fit body is not a destination, but a lifelong journey. Hopefully you will allow our trainer guide you on that journey.

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