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Happiness Through Health and principle trainer Dustin Richter have been featured in many fitness publications both online and offline. Here you can read some of the great articles we have been a part of- including everything from specific training questions to holiday party hors d'oeuvres advice.

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Fitness Articles

Resolution Results, Q Vegas
January 2009

Millions of Americans each New Year say almost the same thing: “I am going to start working out five days a week, watching what I eat, cut back on my drinking, quit smoking, and run a marathon, maybe even backwards, oh… and lose weight!” Then unfortuna ...

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Ask A Trainer, 944 Magazine Online
December 2008

There are a lot of festivities and parties to attend around the holiday season, many of them during the middle of the week. What are some tips for hangover remedies so we can make it to the office in the morning?In reality, the first cure for a hangove ...

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Ask the Trainer, Las Vegas Athletic Club Magazine
Fall 2007

1. I started lifting on my 40th birthday, so I'm not a beginner, but if I want to maintain my strength and size - I'm 42 yrs. old 5'10" &  190 lbs. - how many sets and reps should I be doing?Answer: That’s an excellent question that many peopl ...

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Ask the Trainer, Las Vegas Athletic Club Magazine
Fall 2006

1. I want to slim down my legs. They are naturally muscular, but to large for the rest of my body. What do I need to do?Answer: It's great that you have a clear-cut goal in mind, but the problem is that we can't "spot reduce" fat on our bodies. This si ...

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